Harrison Sid Oliver Mills-Brown; multi-interdisciplinary artist creating and developing practice based in South London. Immersed within an autobiographical pinnacle of translation and symbolism amongst British everyday normality’s. Represented through a range of materials, Brown expresses a narrative that reflects class, culture, supremacy, regulations, and entitlement. Exploring a subjective, autobiographical narrative that follows a multitude of parallels of British culture, by encoding and decoding familiar material to depict content that questions experience to expectations.

The manifest content within Brown’s work suggests personal conflict and emotion. Reversing these properties of a common perception; those being positive and negative connotations. The interject of personality, and ones cogitation to seek and understand identity between the idealistic properties and the neglected. Breaking boundaries between fact and what should be; thus symbolising physical experiences to an idealistic prospect.

Brown composes the familiar essence of objects, text, and colour to depict content that recounts a satirical, bold, and vivid imagery that further questions the uniformity of British culture. Contrasting the rules and regulations within a social construct; Brown revolutionises the idealistic and iconic into an ironic playful meaning of communication that vitalises a different perception of the mundane.

The aesthetic properties of Brown’s work is contrasted in regards to the underlying satirical, yet honest self-reflected narrative; a transcription of representing the everyday life using accustomed yet sentimental, valued imagery. A metaphorical use of dialect within the work that’s an analogy towards his narrative, ‘TWO3’. An on-going analogy of repurposing the information between familiar representatives that depict a fluid conversation, by interlinking contrasting properties through materiality and narrative. Identifying form through a different perception, events, or items that are translated into variables such as text, image, material and colour.

The conceptual notion of creating association between unfamiliar relationships forces an engagement with the viewer, inflicting uncertain, yet questionable humour. Browns suggestive relationship between identified materiality provokes uncertainty with relationships. Browns work enables a multitude of conversations that ‘point’ towards different topics, the abstracted dialect runs on a variety of parallel lines that direct the narrative to its final punch line.

With the aid of using a digital platform; ‘Hammysound’ was created to share a constant self-portrait visualised in 35mm film, collages, LCD paintings and other narrative-based mixed media works.  Presenting a continuous feed replicating the ideals within the media, the reflection of societies self-portrayal. The items being presented digitally based on social media the content is described as ‘Immortal and forever yours’.

Challenging thought process to connect with a viewer, Brown’s artwork focuses to display a personal significance of communication yet subject to understand current western movements with other global themes. Brown enables the viewer to perceive an item or object through empathetically viewing different perceptions; understanding through experience. The value of a commodity linked with experience Brown queries sentimental value; what should be worth what, to whom.


Harrison Mills Brown Artist 2020 vison 35mm photography
'2020 Vision' - Self portrait
35mm film photograph manipulation (2018)